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Everybody is an impostor these days. Nobody is real. Not even your own parents. Not even your own mother. I have been unable to sleep properly for the past few months, due to “sleep apnea”, due to my obesity. So I rest in the daytime. My mother has just one obsession in her life: Food. The only way she can show her love is through food. Even at the expense of someone’s health. She just comes and starts yelling at me. “Will you have your lunch??!!” I’m sleeping. How do you expect me to reply? Sleep Apnea has serious implications on heart health too. I just wanted to rest. She woke me up. I got super mad. Super mad. She’s so selfish. So mean. My anger for her has no bounds. She does not care for me even one percent. All she has to do is make me feel inferior because of my weight and shout at me if I don’t behave properly. Had she been a good mother, I would have learnt how to behave properly. But she’s a dictator. A tyrant. I just barely stop myself from abusing her. She’s so withered from inside, thus being wicked. I can’t speak bad things to her, because I have at least 2% compassion. But it’s so frustrating anf suffocating. I want to leave this place.