Angered thinking of a disheveled man in a failing relationship

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After all 5 relationships ive been in (this being the 5th) The absolute anger and pain that destroys me when i am neglected is so absolutely agonizing and infuriating that i am just done hiding my anger, and so i let it now be public. Context: Gf of 6 months has neglected me constantly, and this is the third and last time i address her giving me more attention and reciprocation of love

Holy shit, the absolute pain of this is tearing me apart faster and faster with each hour she doesnt respond

At this point i just want to see her struggle and scramble when i tell her this

And if that doesnt happen i will be absolutely fucking livid

I will have no more reason to care for her and i wont want to

If she doesnt provide me with the little fuckign sadness that i want im going to be fucking so devestated and angered it wont even matter anymore

I cant believe that my fucking love and time went towards someone who wouldnt care about me and still tell me that they did

It makes me so fucking unbelievably sad that this is a REOCCURRING ISSUE through MULTIPLE RELATION SHIPS

It makes me wonder if im not worth dating, cause ive tried to improve myself constantly, but it always seems that I either disappoint or fall short of what i present

I am hollow and ive stopped caring about appearing happy. because im just fucking not!!!!