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My boyfriend has a seasonal job,

which is all fine and well, but it’s the middle of winter, and now he’s pissed because he isn’t working as much. He’s angry that we’re falling behind on bills, but I’m a college student and can only work part time for minimum wage. He chose not to attend college and go straight into working, which is an absolutely fine choice, but it’s not my fault that he’s not making as much money as he’d like to. He’s angry all the time, throws temper tantrums, storms all over the house when he doesn’t have work. He hasn’t worked hardly at all in the last two weeks. He has ridiculous anger issues, never directed at me, but nonetheless, he has the worst fits. He also has three children who we get 50/50 with his parents due to issues with the mother of his children. They’re all under the age of 4, which you can imagine is a bit of a headache for a 20 year old with no children of her own. The kids are never the problem, it’s always been his lack of income. He complains when we’re late on bills, but I help as much as possible with my small income, which doesn’t leave me a whole lot of money to take care of my needs such as my car and my own expenses.

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