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Angry roommate

One of my roommates is so angry. She gets mad. Yells. The rest of us get along great. We smile & talk. But she’s like a bad wind when she comes in. Everyone goes to their rooms.

She lies & steals. She especially doesn’t like me. She seems mad everyone else is changing. They are getting happier. They’ve started reading the Bible & praying.

One of them has a teen son. She’s normally drinking & leaving to party.

She’s recently started spending more time with him. She was an atheist. I was shocked as I set in my room to hear her praying with her son.

I think God may have sent me to this place for a reason. I don’t try to preach. But they seem to be inspired by me anyways. Very strange.

When I arrived some of them yelled at each other everyday. They’d sneak around & steal from each other. Now they are cooking meals together & eating together. Very strange. Is that my presence causing this?

I’ve always done that. People seem to get happy around me.

Except for nasty people. They seem to hate me.

This one roommate liked me at first. But now that everyone else is changing she’s angry at me. Oh well. I just smile & ignore her. Maybe she’ll learn before it’s too late for her. I’ve come back to save others. She could be saved. But some just love to hurt others so much that they won’t save themselves.