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I thought I could make a better life for myself, from the military because I didn't know what I wanted to do with it. So I guess it was give my body over to something else and hope they mold it out to be something better. There was all this hype about once you get out all the benefits. Being placed #1 on the hiring list or being a priority. You have to be half dead to see anything. Then what good will you be with all that hard work? I was young and naïve and impatient when I got out but I knew I deserved something for my service, I risked my life to the point where others dont make it back from. But what could it be? I've been working warehouse jobs in hot dusty environments for 20 years. 6k forklifts and 10k was my start. Heavy industrial kind and once I realized that nothing in my field was available I worked from the bottom and got stuck for the past 20 years. I've gained so much experience from all of my details, Ive been in shipping, outbound, inventory, ive driven electric and gas forklifts. Proficient at all brands and reach truck, cherry picker and I don't want to go in the field anymore. I think my experience I should at least be a lead. But because I don't work the job long enough to be considered I cant get put in. I'm tired of working in these hot environments especially in the summer appreciating my job, using GOD given intuition and taking initiation to end up nowhere, with great potential. I'm what I would consider myself to be homeless because I stay with my sister and even though Im in shelter, this place has been compromised and from the recent text messages it will be over before we know it. She has the very much right to do so. I live in a place where all I see are "Feed a homeless veteran" signs out. I dont want to go down this road. Please