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Annoying people and fake friends who demand more merit than humility patience or truth for themselves and others

So there is this woman gifted who is basically just annoying and angering me and I am worried she is cursing my finances indirectly or someone is. I want my finances to be healed and Jesus Christ to take care of my money for me..in name of Christ all people who want to attack me or burn my money or finances or defame me I order them to be burned twice fold unless they learn to mind their business and leave me alone. I was guilty of not letting her ' use' me for her benefit but then I gave her a place anyways to let her do her thing but I don't intend to make her stay. Another girl Monoswita she made me give her time. I dislike her for promising friendships and taking my time and energy and then misbehaving with me like a thief she is. I hate fake people and this is my son I can't stop hating them