Anonymous Blog: The Motivation Factors

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For professionals, revealing your identity on the web goes without saying ... but for amateur bloggers, creating an anonymous blog can be a real choice. Being an anonymous writer allows you to grow as a writer. It allows you to publish your posts, your stories, without the need to impress anyone. If readers don’t like one of your stories, there is no risk you still have enough space to write the next one. But beware: while blogging anonymously can be useful or helpful at times, it should be done for the right reasons. Defamation, gossip, insults or other baseness are in no way excusable, whether they are anonymous or not.

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Benefits of writing anonymous blog

1.   Being anonymous allows you to try new things

Being known to others can put a lot pressure on you. Your name is there and when you write something everyone will recognize you. The problem is that the fear of disappointment will not lead you to get out of your bubble, making you to stay forever within your comfort zone.

But when nobody knows you, you are free to experiment. You can do whatever you want.


2.   Being anonymous allows you to fail without anyone knowing

You who are an anonymous writer can afford to fail too. Since no one knows who you are, you can get into any madness you can think of, try the most outlandish things and, if you screw up and slip on the banana peel, you can leave in silence ... without anyone noticing the fall.

Being invisible makes it easier for you to try, fail, and try again. Our mistakes are judged much less harshly and, in most cases, not judged - because no one sees us fall.


3.   Being anonymous allows you to improve faster

You have no pressure. No one will ask you to write the next post. You also don't have to write a better post than your previous one. You do not have any pressure, there is no one who is waiting for your next post ... Therefore, all that energy can be channeled into continuing to write, to improve every day and grow as writers.

In this regard, writers are a bit like mushrooms; we grow best in the dark.

Being invisible allows you to work in the shadows, work day by day and improve. Grow slowly with each new post written, with each published work. Fame that comes fast, goes fast. We writers prefer to work articles to articles, to have a good secret background and to be known for our work and not for having hit a ball that ... Sometimes it can be a simple matter of luck.

As anonymous writers we have to bet on constant work and not on sudden fame.


4.   Enjoy your failures in silence

When you are an anonymous writer, if you try something new and fail, nothing happens. No one will find out and if they find out, they won't make much of a mess. Success comes with a lot of expectations and that's not good for a writer and creative work.

You have to know how to appreciate the opportunity to work in the calm and silence that anonymity gives us. Being invisible allows us to hide in our cave and keep writing. After a failure, we can quietly retreat to lick our wounds and no one will find out what happened. No one will hold anything against you.

5.   No one knows you exist and that's great

Enjoy your invisibility. Imagine that you could be invisible for a day, wouldn't you enjoy? Won't you do a million things? You would get into all the banks that I could and take every last cent, for example.

Invisibility is a gift, and while our ultimate goal will be to be visible as writers, invisibility also has its good points. Try writing new things, imagine that you start from scratch with each new post, go for those challenges, get out of your comfort zone. Practice and practice without pressure.


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