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Another Day, Another Hustle!

Daily Random Thoughts

Hey lovelies!

Sharing story of normal days.

Every day I wake up thanking almighty with whatever he has offered to me and my family. I kick start my day with doing some household chores then make breakfast and start my work. With every new day I pray to do good at my job and wish things go well, Every single day. Because if this doesn’t happen then all I left with negative thoughts and low self-esteem. So, let’s not go there for now. With every new day, there thoughts running back of my mind when will I do something good for human kind, help the needy, feed the hungry and educate one who can’t afford. Before that I also want to give what, my parents deserve – a good house, a car and vacations as we have never been to. For this to get fulfilled I must work my ass off which I do but I’m unable to achieve anything even after so much hard work. I am always in search of that idea, that one single idea which will bring me close to my destination. As we all strive for getting something good in life we must first do something good. I so wish to do something new and different every day. Something I love, I enjoy doing, I feel satisfied with. But would only happen when I find something which is for ME. Yet another will end in search of a new/right idea. My search will not end until I achieve what I am destined for. Lets see how life rolls.

Thanks for reading.