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Another Fight

Yesterday me and my Dad got into a huge argument while he was driving me home from college, because I cannot drive. The argument turned highly intensive and got physical and his driving turned reckless and I ended up calling the police and when they showed up the took over mediating the situation, but did not take it fully serious. They wanted me to try and find another ride home but of course no one was answering so they wanted me to just ride home with him because they thought things would be fine now since they had our information. I sat bottles up scared the whole way Once home I just illegally drove myself to work and when I got off slept in the truck with the doors locked. Since then I have been in the truck he has come to the truck today to talk to me offering to try and forget the situation and saying that I do not need to just sit out here, but being that this isn't our first fight like this I'm conflicted my big heart wants to forgive but the other side of me can't do it because I'm scared I'm going to end up in the same situation or worse. I just don't know what to do and none of my friends have really been there to help neither.

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Re: Another Fight

I’d say reach out to shelters that deal with domestic abuse and/or college youths. It might seem embarrassing to do that, but those places are judgment free places where you can be safe and taken care of until you can be on your own or with someone you can depend on. I don’t know your situation completely, but I truly hope you don’t forgive your dad because that behavior should bot be excused. The police are rarely reliable with situations like that, unfortunately... I sincerely hope the best for you, and you’re in my thoughts. Please be safe!!!

i agree with the reply above. You shouldn’t be quick to forgive tour father for causing that incident. There’s no excuse for that kind of behavior my dear it can literally get you killed.

your ride may have looked reliable to the police but that doesn’t make it that way. It’s still wrong, and your still valid to be concerned and afraid.

Try to make him promise you something small first like that he won’t speed on the freeway things like that then try asking him to only drive sober whenever hes driving you.