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Anxiousness & Health

So, this is the first time I'm writing somewhere about my feelings or my well-being. I have been feeling empty or down lately and sometimes I just realize that I have zoned out of a conversation or any everyday activity. This is just making me overthink things like my health, may it be minor pains or otherwise, I just assume the worst and become so worried that I think the future's not for me. I do have some friends and a supportive family but it's just possible for me, maybe because of my shyness or I'm simply scared to do so. It's not just that I am hoping for some help but I also want to talk to someone or truly help someone who's going or has gone through this. I want to at least try to stop containing these things and also make things better for anyone trying. I hope to look forward from you :)

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Re: Anxiousness & Health

Hey, i just wanted to let you know that you are not alone in this. I am going through the same thing. I cant focus and i zone out when someone is talking to me. I feel empty inside but there is no reason for me to feel that way. I lack motivation and dont do anything all day and my grades are dropping very low. There is a future for you , even if i dont know you im very sure about that. Also if you want to talk to someone ,whenever you are ready,we can talk if you are interested. Help each other out

Hey, thank you so much for writing in, it means a lot to me. Your first reply and words are really reassuring for me. Even when you say you lack motivation, I believe that you are motivated to help someone (may they be unknown) even if it means revealing a bit of yourself, and I think that this is something much more than just grades or other achievements. People don't tend to notice others in their own busy world, let alone be coming forward to help someone unknown so easily. I am very sure of helping each other out. I hope to see more of you. Do what you love :)

thank you so much. You coming out saying what you feel really made me finally be able to say some things i waited so long to say. I am glad my reply made you feel better! Maybe we can chat if its okay with you so we can help each other out , theres is nothing i would like more than make you feel like you are not alone even if i dont really know you. Hope to hear from you soon:)

I am very much sure of helping each other out. We have already started and I think it's off to a great start. Being the over-emotional fellow while presenting my opinions, I'd say I am pretty much confident in here even it's my first time. Thanks a lot for making me do so. Hope to hear back :)

Hey ,im glad that you are feeling confident here saying what you feel and i am proud of you. When you are ready to say anything and i mean anything thats on your mind ,anything that you wanna share i will be here to listen , giving you any advice that i can! Hope to hear back from you soon!!! Keep doing your best, i believe in you!