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Any advice?

So I need some outside opinion on this. I have a friend who I had feelings for, and still kind of do, we talked a few months ago about neither one of us feeling ready for a serious relationship and how he didn't want to lead me on. We talked about our friendship taking precedence, and moved on from it. That's the short version anyway. Afterward he was super awkward and we weren'ttalking nearly as often. Recently however, we've been hanging out a lot more. The other night our plans took a turn, and we ended up skipping rocks and going stargazing until 3 in the morning. I'm just glad we're close friends again, but my question is this. Does that mean anything? I've had multiple friends tell me they feel like he likes me, but I don't think he's that easy to read. Am I just subconsciously hoping for something, or could he really have feelings for me?