Any advice? Or just some words of encouragement.

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I'm 30 so I really should have my shit together by now.. But look, I don't. Me and my partner argue like all the time. My partner has ADHD and gets depressed. When they are depressed it's all my fault. They call me all he names they can think of to hurt and upset me. The latest is "You're a fat fucking lazy useless whore" this is the first time they've ever commented on my weight or looks. It really hurt me. When were good they always tell me how beautiful I am. They always say I'm not fat. Was it just a lie? Have they been lying to me for 5 years? We have kids together and I'm on medication to help my low moods but I don't think it's helping. They haven't spoken to me since, and this was last night. I just feel worthless.

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