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Any ideas about this???

Sometimes, I just feel like I just need to do something fun with my front bottom private part. It just feels boring if I don’t do anything to it or take videos of it. It feels a little ticklish too sometimes. I am really looking forward to having some fun with my girly private part. Any ideas of what I can do with it? P.S. I’m a 13 year old girl.

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Re: Any ideas about this???

You need to go back to watching cartoons kid. There are freaks that patrol these sites. I have cops in my family. Be sure not to ever give your name or info. Never meet anyone. There are pervs; rapists, & serial killers just waiting for a dumb ass like you.

you must be excited but to be honest it doesn’t get better when you mastur@&$& and other things like sex toys is just weird. Since your 13 try doing figures like hearts and shapes with you pubic hair, I just say it bc I didn’t do anything of fun with that part of my body. Lol don’t get addicted to porn bc it will fuck up your free time and your parents will know. Ps I’m a girl and 20 so, try to enjoy your childhood and don’t do anything crazy without thinking of consequences. Take care