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Has anyone else been having suicidal thoughts constantly? Like, there seems to be no end to this. People are garbage and the whole world is collapsing around us. Who wants to be part of that?

I have chronic pain amd fatigue so getting up and doing anything causes me pain. Right now there doesn't seem to be a point to putting myself through this. So I just sleep. And when I can't sleep I drink. I don't know how much more misery I can take.

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I've thought if suiciding so many times in this month. Like really, like I do matter to them but they don't actually seem that I matter to them.

God, what am I to do, my head is blowing off right now, I can neither sleep nor drink. I just can act that nothing happened and it makes me more miserable.

I understand how you feel but you shouldn't give up I was just like that b4 I am like dat rn but now suicide doesn't comes to my mind coz ppl are not worth dying for no one is worth dying for think of ur parents they'll cry at ur funeral of u die and then think where did they go wrong..listen up idc who you are but I know this you are special and there's this whole world to explore even in this pandemic so get up ur ass and dance do something dat you love to do , do something which gives you happiness be it anything and even if it's stupid no one's opinion should matter to you except your own

You need to lead your mind to something else you need to stop over thinking luv trust me your parents love you they might not express it but they do .you getting it right?? If you want you can talk to me here or where u feel like idc I would love to help you as a friend love yourself that's it