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Anyone agree?

My mom always likes to look at me and my brothers different private parts (sex ones). We are already 12 and 10. She spreads our legs apart on the same bed. She pushes on my thighs and moves my thing around in all possible ways. It feels good when she does it, but it is embarrassing in front of my brother. She also puts her fingers in and plays around with it down there. For my brother, she is training me to do the check. She presses on the fat and soft thing at the back. Then she massages the very bottom of it. She asks me to oil it for him with warm oil. One day, when he was sleeping, I poked a pen on the ball part of his thing. He made a squeaking noise, so I think he hurt a lot. Anyway, I love how my mom spends so much time in massaging our privates down there. She also does it to my dad, but that is privately. I really hope to see my dads private part one day too. Have any of you guys seen your parents private parts?

Any of you had the same experience?

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Re: Anyone agree?

Do you have a relative you can tell?

You are being mollested. This is not OK. You need to tell a school counselor or teacher. If that’s not a choice you need to call the cops.

I’m sorry young man but this is wrong. Trust me; I went thru shit too. Just not by my parents. That’s the biggest betrayal of all. She is going to fuck You & your brother up if you don’t get help.

Sorry to use big people words but you have a big person problem.

I’m sorry little guy. Wish I could fix this world.