blood clot discharge

Anyone here had miscarriage before?

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I was late on my period this month and am sexually active. I did not bother to take a PT since this usually happens even before and my partner and I take methods. But this time I experienced severe abdominal pains, constipation, fatigue and tirelessness before supposed period, during supposed period and on the actual week I got my period. During my late period the abdominal pain doubled and I got heavy bleeding. I also have large blood clot discharge, larger than the size of a quarter. I haven't been able to speak with a OBGYN since it's not free to have a check up and I don't know if I just had a miscarriage since it was my first time to have a blood clot discharge that big and it look like a sliver of meat and liver. I hope you guys with experience can help me out. I've stressing about it and I'm scared.