Appointing Barrett to Supreme Court

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There are good & bad people on each side of a debate that believes in their opinion.

Her appointment was a scam. Conservatives hold an edge due to blocking an appointed by Obama during his last 10 months. Republicans claimed was for fairness. Only 10 months to review.

Now they have pushed thru another nomination a week before the election.

This party claims to be the one of high morality but they just proved that’s not true.

Why does it matter who controls the top court?

If your well off; healthy; & typical, then it doesn’t.

But if you ever develop a health concern; are disabled; become poor; are gay; etc, then it matters a great deal. About 49% of us just got hosed.

Why does that happen? poor people won’t go thru effort of registering & voting. I vote all the time. I mostly see old people in morning afraid to lose Medicare; then the working middle class shows up afraid to be hammered by taxes.

The college kids can’t be bothered. The people with bad jobs say they can’t get off work or change things.

What does it matter? Why do people vote as they do?

I’ll use me as example. I’m mostly liberal. Started out voting that way. My Church put pressure on me. Abortion is murder. So I went Conservative to save babies.

But I grew as I went from extreme poverty to mild poverty; so I went independent. I started leaning left again due to my compassion for others. So while having my best job ever I became liberal again. I had made it. I wanted to help others. I pushed for free health care; gay rights; free higher ed, etc. Made me unpopular at work & in Church.

Then a disease took everything. I have nothing but bills. Now I can’t help my disabled kid; can’t afford to eat; can’t goto hospital or doc. I’m on verge of homelessness. Giant medical bills. Debt. Expensive drugs take most of my income. I’m hopeless; & even though I worked 70 hrs a wk from age 18, Conservatives don’t care. God willed I be sick. So I should just die.

Never mind that I did endless good deeds constantly for others. I now have no value. My ex is near death. If we both die who will care for my autistic son now grown. Their answer is let him be homeless. Send the cops to harass him town to town till he dies. F them.

Too many Christians hide behind a cross as they behave wickedly.