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Appreciate the little things

Something about my own life that I've always been proud of was the ability to enjoy and appreciate the little things.

Whether it be taking shelter in the rain, fresh air for the first time in a day, how coffee tastes in the morning, or 

driving a car at any time of day, night, rain or shine, or snow :p 

Life can bring you all sorts of stresses, troubles, problems, and things to be disapointed about. And something that always

stayed consistent was that those little things were capable of bringing the tiniest bit of satisfaction. 

And it seems that whatever the situation may be, there will always be a little thing that will provide enough satisfaction 

to make it worth getting up in the morning and doing. Peeling plastic films from rental cars, crunching water chestnuts,

serving a good looking calamari, and now the satisfaction you get typing on a fully mechanical keyboard. 

Remeber to breathe, autopilot mode gets you in tough situations and sometimes all you need is a breath to get out of it. 

The biggest worries come when you feel like something is not under you control, something is in auto mode and there's nothing

to do to get in a situation where yourself is under you control. In that time, breathe. In and out, in and out. 

This keyboard makes typing things super enjoyable, I could probably keep typing this for so long if I had more things

to keep typing about.