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Appreciation song

Appreciation song


Walking on the streets

While we're talking like I knew you for so long

You're fascinating

Joking with same good  vibe

I've never been bored when I'm with you

You never judged me from the story I told


Looking you in the eye

You got me with those smile

Loving your voice

When you sing a song

I've never been like this

To be honest

I appreciate everything 'bout you

Sometimes gon' stare at you

And wink at you

But it doesn't mean anything

Sometimes gon' wait for you after school

Cause you're comfortable to be with

This is for my classmate.

I composed this song cause she had this lovely voice. I appreciate everything about her cause she's talented and she never judged me from the very start and she's comfortable to be with. And we have the same vibe.