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Are they fake? HELP!

So this is going to be a bit long, the one who cares will read and give me some sort of reply 💋

So I don't think I have friends, cos I make friends, then they just leave me I mean? Is it my fault? We all have our flaws, I apologize a lot, even if I know I didn't do anything, some time ago my friend was been mean and I told her to apologize, she be like "No, I didn't do anything" I ended up apologizing for nothing. And my somehow bf I mean he's my crush who likes me back, yeah that sort of thing. He stopped talking to me without an explanation, and know he is coming back? I've destroyed almost everything that he's gifted me, I've gifted him, any of his belongings, I on't think I deserve him, my ex-BFF is insulting me and anything I say she says "Ok" what should I do?