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Are we really thankfull????

Hi Guys,

This post is all about who we are and what we want to be. Its all about our wishes, our needs and wants. I want to share something with all of you.

I just wake up one morning and thought " Does I have a reason to be happy ?? My job life sucks, I am all alone in this pandemic situation, I am far from my family, I have trips planned and all the plans are now spoiled and no one knows about the future like what will happen ,my boyfriend is boring and not standing up to my expectations so why I should be happy?" Later the same morning I saw on television, huge number of people were marching towards their home to Bihar, UP, and several places that were far far away from here and they were like barefoot, along with their children in the hot sun , nothing to eat , nothing to drink. Then there was this other instance where I saw that a doctor,( who was treating covid patients in the hospital) died due to COVID and he just went to see his small, month old kid, gazing the kid from the gate a day before he died without even touching his family thinking they might suffer from the same disease. Then in the evening that day I had a talk with one of my friend who was worried about her job as her company was scaling out employees and she was tensed as her name was their in the list. Later in afternoon, my AC was not working and I told the house owner to change it as the temperature outside was 40 deg Celsius and I couldn't bear all that sweat in the night anymore hampering my sleep. The guy who came to my room to change the AC was kind of genuine and I told him - "Bhaiya har baar kharabh ho jata hai , iss baar aap change hi kar do". We were conversing and suddenly my phone rang and it was mumma and I was talking with her and then I told her - "iss bar toh pata nhi kab baarish hogi, itni garmi ho rahi hai" and then after sometime I hung up the call. Then the AC repair guy told me- "didi aap log kitne lucky ho , aap baarish ka mazaa le sakte ho". I had a quirky smile on my face and I told-" Kya bhaiya, baarish kisko nhi pasand hai yahan, aur vaise bhi jabse COVID hua hai, mausam toh kaafi achaa ho gaya hai , pollution bhi nhi hai, bs baarish aa jaye". He told gazing at me saying- "Didi baarish toh achii hai but ghar pe agar bachhe bhuke ho toh voh baarish bhi hamare liye mayne nhi rakhti. Garmi hoti hai tabhi kaam milta hai nhi toh baarish ke dino mai toh koi AC chalata hi nhi hai aur COVID ki wajah se offices mai bhi AC wagehra nhi chalte, do waqt ka khana bhi mushkil se milta hai".

It just opened my eyes. It was like what the hell. How I can be so thankless to God? How I can be so selfish? I am so lucky that I have a roof, I was born in such a good educated family who actually made me pursue my education, my job and today I can earn myself, I am standing on my feet rather than people who are struggling to live life and feed their family and kids. How I can be so ungrateful to God as he has given me so much that I just took it for granted.

Since then, I AM THANKFUL....and believe me guys we all need to be thankful. Think once before you just insult your existence, think once before you ask God why you did this to me and think once before saying that "I always have bad luck" as you need to know that people are struggling there just to survive in this world. The world will become a beautiful place to live when every citizen will understand this world as his family.