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Are White people hurting too ?

I'm an 14 year old African American female. I go to a normal school in Miami Florida, tons of blacks and whites go there . Every morning I arrive at school (before rona virus was here) and I sit in the hallway with my friends and we play on our phone til the bell for school rings . All my friends are African American. One day there was this Caucasian female that came up to me and my friends in the hallway and reminding y'all, I have always respected every race . Anyways she came up to us having a convo She was sweet nd all. Well my friend Liyah told her 'go away you white snob' Then my other friends joined her and started making fun of her race. I kept quiet and when my friends left I told her "your color is gorgeous" she just hugged me and said "yours too" . Well couple days later this African American male came up to this other Caucasian female and started making fun of her color. I've seen so many Africans put down the White race but nothing is said about it. When a African notices how Caucasians are being made fun 0f that when you notice the world is truly fucked up. I love every color and y'all need realize not 0only African Americans are being put down whites are too.



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Re: Are White people hurting too ?

Think about how ignorant and arrogant racism truly is. There is good and bad in every race! This topic is old and utterly ridiculous. I've never seen so much chaos, racism and destruction until Trump became president. This psycho maniac still till this day has massive supporters who could give a shit less whether this world ends or not. Americans just like the one's reading this post have voted this man into office. They fight to cover up his lies and call it false media even though he's on national television being recorded live lol. Now ask yourself....Who's the puppets and the puppeteers?