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Are you happy right now?

I am not exactly happy at the moment. Glenroy who has been part of my life forever is not talking to me at the moment. He said he wanted to give his relationship a chance. I just need to come to terms with the fact that he never wanted us to work. If he did he wouldn't have made time to date someone else when he had the time to do so. My heart is broken. I will randomly crying just thinking of him. I miss him in my life. 

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Re: Are you happy right now?

You’re in love with a guy who mistreated you. The only emotions you should be feeling right now are anger and sadness that you allowed yourself to trust someone when you should’ve known better.

Very harsh reality is that he used you, discarded you, and now he’s on the hunt for a new partner. When a man tells you he wants his relationship to work it’s a lie because he cheated on his partner to be with you so that clearly was not the issue at the time.

Would tell you to love and respect yourself more but the world is full of women like you who will latch onto any man who pays them any attention and sad fact of the matter is these men are not worth the time you give them. They are hollow husks and have no souls.