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Are you scared?

Most of my roommates are scared of scary movies. They watch them & scream. Hide their eyes. I laugh at the movies.

My fight or flight is messed up. I’m mostly fight.

As a child I’d hunt. A large cat tried to hunt me. Later in the day I was eating it.

So when I watch a movie like Friday the 13th I laugh. I know I could easily take that guy. I don’t believe in Magic.

So we watched slender man. I laughed. If he could touch me then I’d kill him.

It’s weird how we are wired differently. Nothing on land scares me. I think I’d win any contest.

Now in the water sharks have the advantage. But if I go in armed I still win. Besides; I’ve pulled big sharks out of the ocean. Cut out their teeth. Ate their fins.

I don’t fear things. They need to fear me.