Are you tired too?

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I am tired right now.

I came to the point where settling at my fault is all I can do. I am not good or wise. Like I want to stop denying to myself that I am trying to get better or anything will get better. I feel like so foolish to believe and to find out ways to get up. So choking to cage yourself. I want to get out from this scorching fire, break out these chains. I don't know. I want to disconnect from the world and live somewhere else where i dont know someone. Nobody will judge me for making mistakes, no one will yell at me for mistaking decisions, well at least trying to get rid of these responsibilities to be good. Like i want to suck at my life sometimes, to make mistakes sometimes, to live in a world where we dont worry about being wrong, to live in a world where trying to find out what is right is not a norm, a place where we can just be ourselves, but all I can do is to end it with a sigh