Are you willing to die for me, then? ! I can't forgive you. I can't forgive myself. But I want to. I miss you.

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Just like

Snow that hasn't completely melted

In the shade

I continue on with these feelings inside me

Please tell me how am I supposed to close the door on this love

Your everything has lost its tomorrow

And is now wandering around eternally

Along with me

Who was unable to say goodbye or move on

Just like

A spell that still won't break

Or some kind of curse

I'm still holding on to some heavy baggage

Hey, what kind of tomorrow

Am I supposed to look for in this town?

The cold tears that fall

Freeze under the sky

They pretend to be kind

And around the time they fall down my face

Two people who were always together are torn apart

That's all there is to this story

Even if your everything loses its shape one day

You'll always be here within me

As I try to move forward again, even though I couldn't say goodbye

You'll always be here with me