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are you with me

i’m so numb. i just wanna be heard. i wanna be listened to. i wanna be loved. life is so hard. i’m all alone i have nothing to offer. no one really sees me. i might as well just go. i wanna die. i deserve nothing but emptiness.. it’s all the world has had to offer me. my thoughts are so dark no matter how hard i try. i’m just not meant to be normal maybe. i hope the love of my life sees this, baby i want you to know you did everything you could. and i’m sorry i won’t be here to grow old with you. i disappointed you again, i’m sorry. i love you.

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Re: are you with me

How can you say that you don't deserve anything??

You are born and this is the main reason that you deserve to be healed ,to be lived , don't die ,

You are stronger than anybody , you want to heal , that's why you came to this platform, .

Just binge watch a series or a cartoon and love yourself because God has given you your life ,not anybody else's.

And your love knows that you are different than normal , and you're rare that's why he loves you .

If something has happened between you two, give each other some time to heal and than try again, but if nothing get sorted then don't brood over it . Move on .

You don't have to meet other's expectations and you're not normal , you're rare like a diamond , you're beautiful. Love you .

A fellow girl.

Hey, I see you. You deserve everything in the world. You are precious. Your life is precious. Don't give up yet. There is a long way to go. Hang on tight. You are loved. It can be hard sometimes but try to see your life from the positive perspective, mate. You will be alright. Give yourself some time. Make sure to rest. I hope the best for you :)) xoxo lex-