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Arg....I don't like working anymore!

I work for said company but I work on premises of a different company (That.one) company who has their own rules.

I have always worked and done the rules of my said company, i don't wanna name them.

Now, I work for That.one company this company is absolute trash, they have no regard for my safety let alone my well-being and anything else that comes into play, they treat me so badly, poorly and don't understand me at all. They harass and belittle me and always laugh about me behind my back and I know they are. If I didn't have a mental illness I think I would be better, but not they do it all the time and who can guess who is doing this? Well its the whole management team.

What I feel right now;

I feel I could explode both verbal and physical, punching them in the face until they bleed heavily that they need medical attention.

If I was a terrorist, this company would be my first target for a bomb scare prank. Unfortunately I am not one at all, so instead I would just give up probably and suicide myself by solvent abuse.

🤐 By by world coughing ☠️