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“As you wish...”, he said

I was in an unhappy engagement for years, stuck and miserable, unable to find a way out and hoping for a miracle until one day I couldn’t take it anymore and ended the nightmare. My now ex is your best friend, your “brother,” and you are my twin flame which I’ve realized for years and years now. We used to talk a lot to each other while I was stuck in this unhappy relationship, so many things left unsaid that I wish I could have said at the time. You called me “Buttercup” and yourself “Ker.” “As you wish,” you said. I replied with a laugh, “it is as I wish, isn’t it?” I tried to be coy, like I didn’t know what you were telling me. How could I react? I was in a relationship with your best friend, regardless of our deep connection. You told me that I didn’t understand what you were trying to tell me and that it was ok. (But of course I knew!) There was so much going on at that time in my life and I wanted you to know my reasons for staying with him even when you tried to cleverly tell me how you felt, many times, including your anonymous classified ad posts about me that you repeatedly eluded to. Your attempts in telling me your feelings were not in vain and were never easily dismissed by me even if I could not act on them at that time, you must know that. It’s been three and a half years since I left him. Three and a half years since I’ve tried to stay in contact with you without expectation of anything other than your friendship, only to have you ignore me time and time again. You choose him as if you have to make a choice when you can have us both in your life. Time keeps slipping farther into the future as we get older and thoughts of unlived possibilities consume our minds. Will you wake up one day and have regrets? Why bother pushing me to leave him if you were only going to shut me out and ignore me anyway? “As you wish,” you said. How can I ever forget now that I feel as if you’ve forgotten all about me?