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Asexual? Transgender?

About a year ago I was sexually assaulted and cheated on right next to me by my ex girlfriend it really fucked me up and I went by asexual for a while because naked bodys made me wanna cry no matter who's it was they all looked gross and scary and now I've broken off from that label but in starting to question if I have dysphoria or if I am just traumatized fully clothes I'm completely happy with my body and felt great but anytime I'm naked all I can do is cry while i try to flatten my chest and cover my vagina in Hope's it might not be there when i take my hand away I've already went under the false label of asexual for a long time and i dont want to go under a false nb label as well because i know i dont want a dick but i dont want a vagina either they both disgust me and make me uncomfortable on me or others idk I guess I just wish I could just know am I dysphoric or does what happened a year ago just have me fucked up