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this is really stupid and i literally went ahead and searched up "sites where you can vent anonymously".

there is this group chat that i was in for almost a year, and yeah we've had some complications where people were toxic but we kicked them out. i actually felt like that place was home because everyone understood me so well and i had people i could vent to. just a few minutes ago an argument broke out. the fight ended with one person leaving. that person is someone that's been in the group chat for quite sometime and i felt scared. that one person has these other really close friends in the group chat too and i feel as if once they find out about the whole fight, they'll leave too. an once they leave, the group chat will basically be filled a few toxic assholes. im just scared?? this group chat has been this one safe haven for me despite not being able to meet the people in them. i hope things work out well.

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