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Ask Jehovah if his own self proclaimed omnipotence would judge him if..

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It all read every heart, mind, soul, and memory of any and all humans and other alive all through all of Jehovahs creations history and prophecies and all else.Ask Jehovah if they think he s a worthless bitch of evil sucking its dick for what he wants over being perfect. Ask Jehovah if his own angels “know” in their consciousness that Jehovah is their worthless bitch and jackass who metaphorically eats their feces off the floor and drinks their cum from their penises to hang onto them if they was to deem some human on earth worth becoming failed fallen sinners over..like said human is worth it..all instead of Jehovah sending them to hell so that no evil act may taint his kingdom and no conscious impurity may be had about Jehovah himself or not.