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Asking for some advice.

Hey. Can I please have some advice?

Some context:

•I've been shut out for most of my life so far.

•Although there's one friend that has stuck by me through everything.

[• I'm going to call him Tristan. That isn't his real name.]

•A while after letting go of my previous relationship (my partner was being verbally and sometimes physically abusive.), I decided to admit my feeling to Tristan.

•He explained that he didn't want a relationship until he was older.

•I attempted to understand and accepted that. At least I hope I did.

•This was back in September 2019. Now the friendship group I had met him through has broken in two.

The problem I wanted advice on is that I still have feelings for him.

I just can't let go of them somehow.

I've tried so hard to forget but nothing works.

I can't tell my (female) friend because I'm afraid she'll belittle me for it.

I can't tell him because he'll just have the same response as last time.

The worst part is...I'm in another relationship.

It started in February, but because of the pandemic, I haven't seen him much. Not at all really.

I'm just so lost.

The kid who has an on going crush on someone who has already rejected him,

All whilst they're in a relationship.

Please, give me some sort of advice.

Thanks for reading I guess 💙