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Asking permission from strict parents

Hello. How can you ask for your parents' permission to go out and attend a party at your boyfriend's house? I should stay there for a night.. BTW, I'm 23 years old. And yes. I need to ask their permission every time I go out.hahahahahha. I really don't need an answer. I just want to know if this is normal hahahahaha thanks

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Re: Asking permission from strict parents

A lot of Indian kids go through this. Do your parents know you have a boyfriend? If yes, try convincing. But I don't know how it will work out. I have never tried lol. If your parents don't even know if you have bf, then now may not be a good time.

The easiest way is to lie. Tell them you are going to your friend's house. But lying is a risky thing.

If you wanna know if this is normal. YES.

At 23, there would be SOOO MUCH more Id need to know before assertaining "why" ....(not if ) this event would even NEED parental permission? A 2-3 min talk with them would prolly do wonders for my curiosity..LOL.. Your laughing at the matter tells me you think... ..feel as though ..... well?...IDK?.... I think Ill leave that one alone and just laugh WITH (not at) ya..LOL... I did know a girl back in the day at 19 , still at home, who wasnt allowed to hardly even date, and could never go w/us to ball games/ clubs to hear bands (drinkin age 18 back then). Her dad, who oddly enough was pretty cool, often accompanied her when she did attend functions/ events which always made her a lil self conscious and may have continued the duration of her living at home inTO early 20s, but knowing her many yrs later, didnt seem to have affected her? Now, if you get to go , your not gonna go out and drinkup the town are ya?.. If possible, if ya know an ole "rock n roll " father/ even grandfather, (like ME..LOL) who has older daughters, maybe implore them to have a talk w/ your oldman, who Im sure is the likely, by in large, the "offender" here?.Help him see the forest, for the trees, knowing you NEED to have these young life exps to grow...Parents seem to be at both ends of the extreme nowdays, from hangin HERE a while anyway... Ya got absolutely NO parenting skills represented to extreme, freedom limiting, emotional GROWTH stunting parenting , I think is causing alotta this social anxiety syndrome, which was unheard of during "MY" young life. Anyway, just some things to think about...