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I really hope he doesn't read this someday, but here goes nothing. When I was 15 I decided to drink with my friend in my house. We were both drunk, so I decided to call my guy friend. We've been friends ever since elementary so I really thought I could trust him. I called him up to ask for help, when he got here I guess he got horny because there were two drunk girls in front of him. So when I saw him make a move on my friend, I pushed my friend away so that his focused will be redirected to me. I just wanted my friend to be safe, so if he was going to sexually assault either one of us, I'd rather it be me. So when he started doing unspeakable things to me, I couldn't fight back, I just let the tears flow, I just let him have his way with my body. It only stopped when my friend puked, thank God for that. We haven't talked since then but I always see him around because he's my neighbor and our families are pretty close. I'm trying to forgive him for what he's done, but it just sticks with you.