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atp, idek myself anymore. halp plz

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its a lot. but imma rant. to the stranger on the other side of the screen reading this, hope u find my story interesting to say the least. so where do I begin?


here, I have no friends. (lost them to covid plus I never liked them anyway whenever I was around them, I felt stressed)

my life's shit.

verbally, emotionally, and mentally abusive parents. love that.

school sucks when ur online but u don't have the guts to go in person cuz u have acne and are afraid of ppl looking at u bc they've prob never EVER seen acne in their fucking lives and u have anxiety so ur scared u won't be able to talk to ppl beside ur emotionally unavailable parents.

anyone hate that feeling when ur in class and the teacher asks a rhetorical question expecting someone to raise their hand to answer and she's SPECIFICALLY looking at u cuz u NEVER raise ur hand cuz ur anxious u'll get sum wrong.

yeah same.

anyone hate that feeling when the teacher says "time to share what u put!" and she calls on everyone in the class but doesn't call on u and u feel like everyone is judging u cuz u were the only one who didn't get called on?

yeah same.

life sucks. im young so I have lots more of life to live but a message from a random stranger:P

u prob won't take this to heart cuz I'm just another lowly human being but...

reaching the end of things is always great, except when it's your life. the death you get isn't the ending u wish for and the life u have isn't the present you choose. be wise and don't smoke(or lose 11 mins of ur life ig) :)

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