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When I had joined my office. I thought I kept peaceful and quiet. I also want talk people but I think don't laugh me. That's why talk with because most of time people laugh on me. When I start talk with with fake face And i just talk with peoples with friendly nature but they use negatively and laugh on me. Because thats why i don't talk with people. And l attract with people. When someone talk with me with politely and help so i think he loves me .I attract but after some but this attraction finishe after some time.

I don't know why do be with me. Just one side love all the time.

When I had in college. One boy said my your sister why wear sandals. This word i like. I attract with him. I want see every time and check daily photos on Facebook.

But i don't say him. I had love him.

And i joined computer courses. This person also handsome he started talk with i like talking. I like him. But he don't live. He does love any other girl. But i fallen in love. But when he talk with me full to firlt with i I don't understand. I just love him. He had not understand my feelings. He had just time pass with me .

One day i took chocolate for him on day. He had not come to class but talked any other girl. She said to me he is not good gay why are you love him. He told me his real face. On day i understand his reality

Why boys do that .

And again i also fallen any other boy it also one side love

Why are with me.