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August 18, 2020. Life currently.

I know this isn't about boys or anything.. and not as important but i needed somewhere to write. Anyways lets continue. A lot of people are happy about the whole no school quarantine thing.. but honestly it hurts because i actually miss school a lot, I don't care about the work, the masks, or sanitizing your hands every quarter.. but I just miss my friends. Not friends i have on Snapchat or Instagram, just normal school friends. And its not just the friends, its the work. I really struggle with online school, its not easy to me. It seems like they just give me harder work and work that google doesn't know but that's not the point. Don't judge me for this, but I am going into middle school. Which makes me worry even more. Since I was in elementary, grades didn't count as much.. but now they do. I thought middle school would be easy but if i'm doing middle school online its gonna be a struggle. My mom says she will do what it takes to keep me home and safe without worrying. I am young and am looking forward to future, so this gets me worried and emotional. Its even harder with my mom telling me all this stuff about actually going to school and what could happen if I did. I was really looking forward to going back to school but actually going to school in my eyes isn't a option anymore, which also means I don't get to do funny things in class with my classmates, talk about drama, gossip, etc. Next year I will be moving to Florida, which is awesome to me because I will be able to be in my dream place. It will be nice, relaxing, and a start fresh, but then again I have to wait another year. I just wish I could get out of this terrible place and things could be normal again.