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I'm starting to go to a therapist in a few weeks, but I'm scared. My friends told me to ask her about autism symptoms, Nd when I asked them why they said that they had been doing they're own research and want me to look into a diagnosis. At first I was like no it couldnt be. But the more I look into it and the more things make sense. The more behaviors my friends and family tell me arent normal it just checks out. I'm scared. Terrified actually, my mom thinks diagnosises dont matter. She dosen't believe in medication either. And I feel like if I did have it it could deter alot of people from me. ADHD ADD and autism have all shown up in people of my family immediate or not. I feel like I could be judged more or bullied again and I dont know. I'm just really scared. I'm not trying to self diagnose a diagnosis is what I'm scared of, Scared of bullying scared of my mom invalidating it and scared of people treating me differently.

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Re: Autism?

Hey, nobody should bully you for what conditions you’ve got. We all get built different, and we all experience things from our own unique perspectives. If anyone every bullies you about something so minuscule, know that they’re self conscious and pity them instead.

As for being scared of the results, don’t be! What you have is a part of who you are. Embrace it. Autism is just social awkwardness on steroids, and it doesn’t have to define who you are as a person. You can be whoever you want to. :)