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What do you do when you have awkward silences? Like I am so bad at handeling these situations, where you're like out of topics and you don't know what to talk about, so there is a awkward silence. I always go to school with this one girl and we always have lots of awkward silences. Sometimes I try to come up with a topic and then she just answers with a solid 'yes' or 'no'. Then I think she just doesn't want to talk right now, so I stop trying to start conversation. And then she ends up starting a conversation again. It is very confusing. I also have this sometimes with other friends (not this much tho). But I just hate it when we're silent for ten minutes or so. It is just hard to come up with a topic when there is an awkward silence. And maybe I'm just the one who thinks it's awkward?

Do you also have awkward silences, is it normal to have them very often? I don't want to destroy our friendship just because I can't seem to start a conversation T^T

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Re: Awkward...

Hi. I think your problem is very normal tbh. Im a very shy person and unless im hanging out with my bestest friends of all time i have problems while talking to certain friends or people i know, esp if they are shy too.

I dont know how's your friend but maybe she answers like that because shes socially awkward too and she feels like shes bothering you or smth. Anyways, i think you should be honest with her (or any other friend who you have this problem with) and ask her why does she do that. Also, telling her about your concerns with awkward silences or socialization in general can be very helpful, because she will understand why do you worry so much and, if shes your friend, she will try to make you feel more comfortable around her.

Hope this helped, x.