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This site has become so poisonous to me. Reading shit, trying to understand if it's about me or indirectly about me. I cry every time I come on here for 2 separate reasons. It's horrible. I thought I found a place for me to unload my BS and feel better but now...I feel like scum. I'm glad that makes you happy. I have found out more information than I needed to know. Watching someone's romance or fuck partner talking to your ex and going at is the exact reason I dropped my phone and just cried.

He told me he's not in love, told me he doesn't feel it, etc. The truth of the matter is I can do my best to accept it and move forward always knowing I did what I could and it wasn't enough.

I loved him. Love him. I'm so sad. If he needs to go that way, fine by me. I can't control him, he's an adult, he can make his own choices.

I'm fairly certain I'm not involved in anything.

I feel sick thinking that he thinks I'm so hung up and in love with him and just couldn't find a way to break it to me without hurting my feelings. 😠😒

If you want me to leave, I'm gone.

If you tell me to move on, I will.

If you're not in love, I can take care of my own issues as long as you stay far away and don't come back picking at the wound that's healing.

I can't believe how disgusting I am. Ugly inside and out. Hate my reflection. Try to stay away from people. Don't use social media. Don't talk to anyone unnecessary on the phone and then the list goes on and on.

I am very devastated this happened again . Only this is worse because I loved him with so much more of me then I ever thought I had.

I cry thinking about him in bed with someone else.

I cry every time I hear the words "I love you" from a guy.

I understand that I'm not good enough. You don't have to tell me,, it's okay.

I thought you loved me, romantically, as well to this day but I think I'm kidding myself.

I loved you. And then you did shit that brought out the worst in me and I fired away causing damage with tongue and an dgaf attitude.

I would have married nick in high-school if I could have.

You came into my life fiercely grabbed my attention. You changed a lot of me and I wonder if I changed you,? No matter how insignificant.

I really hope that your heart isn't with someone else's. Because mine isn't. I'm sorry for the shit I can never say when I need to say it ruins things.

This may be anonymous to some but everyone knows. I love you. I'm sad it's not reciprocated. I can't make you change your mind. But I hope you change your heart. 😒☹