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Baby Mama Drama?

I was with a guy for a couple months

I ended up getting pregnant (b4 yall say should've used protection we did and it failed us, mainly me to be exact) anyways I automatically knew I would want an abortion because I just wasn't ready for this but not telling him bugged me so I decided to tell him. He was so happy and content and due to his lovely reaction I decided to keep the baby. LITTLE DID I KNOW. His ex was lingering in the background the whole time.

When he finally posted pictures of us she went crazy, and when she found out I was pregnant well you can already imagine. So at 3 months pregnant I found out about the cheating while I was willing to forgive him the night we supposedly broke up she was in his bed the same night. He abandoned me and his unborn child and left with her. She's made him cut me off completely has put in his head to get a DNA claiming the baby is not mine because she doesn't want to accept it.

The baby is born, healthy, perfect but his father has not yet met him. I don't know if he has plans to. My life has been put on pause to raise this child on my own and I dont know what I should do. Baby is 3 months old now and I haven't bothered the dad since our last fight when I was 3 months pregnant. I dont think it is fair to me to let him off easy because he was the reason I kept the child but anytime ive tried to be cordial with him I can't because the girlfriend won't let him.

What should I do?

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Re: Baby Mama Drama?

Fuck em'. I Was in the same boat, in a sense until my new fiancé walked into our lives and has done anything and everything to make us happy. He doesn't want that baby? fine? someone does, and someone will. They will be nothing but trouble and you don't want him in your life like that if he can easily walk away from his own blood.