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Back to basics

Life seemed to be peaceful on the outside, but on the inside it spells 9kjsf9w2334.

Many times, I just seek to be at peace with myself, at peace with who I am.

I find it difficult to find myself in the midst of the chaos in my head.

I find it difficult to rise and find strength in who I am again.

My prayer this season: "It is well with my soul"

Anyone ever felt that?

Just want to find myself again.

Back to the start.

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Re: Back to basics

Why go back to the start once again. There's a reason we are here. There's a reason we took those decisions. Accepting we made those choices will take us closer to who we are and atleast point us towards finding ourselves. Somewhere we wanted all those things that we did. No matter how much we hate ourselves now for choosing those things. Trust is within us and it's necessary to trust us, even our past self.

I think i can understand...even i feel the same sometimes....from outside my life is perfect but inside i do not have peace...there is constant fear that something will go wrong...i am losing something...even i want to go back to days where i used to feel peace with myself...or atleast develop a spirit that i will face anything that comes my way and sail through that.