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Bad days

I am feeling depressed since last few days. I have never seen failure in my life for the first time I am facing it. It is becoming difficult to survive day by day I am getting worse. I don’t know something is killing me inside I cannot talk to people although I am people’s person.i want to get away from this feeling anyone can help me.

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Re: Bad days

Hey it’s ok,you can get through this.I believe in you.You aren’t a failure,you just haven’t reached your full potential yet.But I know you can and will,come back 10x stronger and show everyone how brave you are.I don’t even know you and I am rooting for you,Cmon you can do this.If you want to talk to someone sign up for kooth,it will help.Stay strong <3🤍

Please, I know it’s not easy, but please talk to someone. Write them a note. Text it. Do what u gotta do but please tell the people u love that u need help. A good friend once told me “it will get better”

and it does