Bad days

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I dont think he realizes how mean he gets sometimes.Last night on call he told me, “ dont ever ask me to buy you this and that cause im not that type of boyfriend like i aint buyin shit for you bitch” as a joke? Its not the only time hes said it,and he means it.He thinks im weird and crazy for getting sad about things he repeatedly does.although I can say its definitely better this past week.He still thinks im a loser and weird and is still mean and leaves me on delivered for a long long time and i dont even know what he does sometimes or wether hes ignoring.Im so attached and sensitive to him.Im scared to get mad at him i think now because at one point i used to get sad like everyday (I was going through a rough time plus he used to disregard my feelings and make me think im crazy) thats also one of the reasons his parents hate me.Actually i dont know if they do because we talked about it last night.I need to learn how to stop being so quiet and actually talk.I just have way too much anxiety.But next time I meet them im gonna push through and talk to them so they can see my actual personality.I love My boyfriend i swear im so attached to that guy.This past week has been pretty good and its been especially hard because of this lockdown obviously.I put in alot of effort this week to stop overthinking everything.Im gonna take our relationship step by step till we reach a really really good gonna make another of these posts except now talk about my friend situation.Ugh i love this app i needed to do this for sure