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bad people

hi i just wanted to rant about this company. sooo basically there's this group formed from youth with you 2 called the9 and they are managed by this company. and right basically their management is super bad. their mv was announced one?!?! week before it was released, which i honestly don't mind, but it's a bit abrupt. n the mv wasn't exactly good, the lights and transitions from one scene to another were very messy but i still stream it anyways. n since it's a survival show, everyone has ranks. my point is shouldn't they have equal amount of endorsements??? it doesn't make sense if rank 1 has like over 10 endorsements while rank 8 has her first one after 2 months... n rank 4, who has the most sales for all group magazines only started to have solo endorsements this month when rank 5 and 6 and 7 already filmed variety shows etc. lmao idk whether i should post this now cus it's a bit childish when i reread it, but OH WELL