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Bad poem about a pathetic human

I am a fucking coward. My pride as fragile as a thin sheet of ice

it felt like a battle between demons

a battle not worth the price

so I quit

again and again and again

the white flag of mercy, against my own fucking sin

I felt like a martyr

like I’d never win

I felt like your doll and you fought with a pin

I don’t want to be dropped and I don’t want to melt

But I can’t fight as frail as I am without help

you came from space, your gun is an asteroid

it felt like my troops, or my corpse in the void

but we could’ve won

we could be united

we should’ve won and both been delighted

but I had to kill thinking it was blighted

kill my self with my ghost feeling slighted

I was promised love

I was promised grace

I can’t have it stripped from me, without feeling hope was waste

and it was

because then I shattered myself

I’m but a mere sheet

I didn’t let you catch me so instead I face defeat