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Bad Things

Whenever I heard the song Bad things by Camila Cabello feat. Machinegun Kelly it feels like I'm back in 8th grade where I remember how my feelings way back then. Like I love what it feels right now.

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4 months ago

Re: Bad Things

For me it’s Crazy Train. I feel like I’m a sane person in a crazy world. People treat me like an alien because I’m autistic; but I feel like they are probably the more flawed ones.

I don’t try to harm others. But they harm me. Which of us is really flawed?

Here’s a weird one. My ex wife loves disco music & a lot of 80’s songs. Every time one of her songs comes on I get an erection. At first I was like what. Then I realized we used to make love to those songs. Strange how when you reach 60 your body just starts doing odd stuff.

I actually started talking out loud to myself every once in a while. Why? Because some of my roommates do it. So I’ve stopped.

Can’t stop those erections though. You’d think at 60 I wouldn’t get 12-14 erections a day; but I still do.

It’s like my body doesn’t know that’s off the table. My ex doesn’t want me anymore. I don’t want anyone else. It’s like a cosmic joke.