Badly needed your opinion

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I need an advice and I will highly appreciate your opinion.

I am 8 months pregnant with my boyfriend and we are not in good terms for almost 2 months now. He cheated on me. He was caught by my father in his friend's house talking with his ex girlfriend. And I also went there by the moment my father called me to witness that they were there. And at that moment I broke up with him. Then after 4 days I found out that he has a new girlfriend. A week later he contacted me to ask my forgiveness and wanted to fix our relationship whereas he is still having an affair with his present girlfriend. His reason was that girl is just his past time since I blocked him in any social media and never contacting him for almost a week. And he said he will change for the better and for our child since he come to know that we will be having a baby boy so soon which is his long time wish to God to have a baby boy. I still love him since I don't want also that my baby won't have a father. But I still don't like the fact that he replace me easily for only 4 days with another girl. And I am afraid that he will be doing it again and again. I really don't know what to decide. It is a matter of being a battle between heart and brain. Please do help me think through your opinion. Sincerely asking, Doubtful mind😣🙏