Banned from a vocalist's social media

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I've been listening to this vocalist for over 15 years.

I was apart of their social media.

One day I had the dumb idea to upload some of the content they had that was private for their close fans.

My thought process was "Why is this nowhere on the internet? This stuff is amazing!"

I figured if they had an issue with it, someone would contact me and ask me to remove it.

The next day I was blocked from everything..

I uploaded a video apologizing and explaining my thought process.

One of the songs was a remake that was also released by a former member..

I had the idea to mix both versions of the song.

Some of the other songs I uploaded were shown through livestreams.

I know, I messed up.

These songs were only uploaded for a night.. I removed them in an instant.

My apology video started gaining some attention when one of their moderators contacted me.

They explained that their vocalist could be under legal issues because they were never supposed to release that remake to the public.

On top of that, the other song that I uploaded from the livestream was never finished.

They want me to donate $500 to be unbanned from each social media outlet to pay for any potential legal issues.

$200 just so I can still receive updates from the band.

I felt like I owed this vocalist because their music helped me through so many hard times in my life.

My mother passing away 6 years ago.

My grandfather the beginning of last year.

Tons of depression and stress.

I donated the $200 directly to them as a thank you.

Ever since then, I keep wondering if they even know what their moderator did..

I had to keep everything in this post vague so this doesn't reach them..

because I really don't know what I would do if I couldn't receive news of their music again.

I needed to get this out there because this doesn't seem like something the vocalist would be okay with.

I wish I could see them in person and apologize.. and ask them if they knew about it..

That sounds dumb as well..

Anyways, I'm headed to work.

Thanks for listening.